Tub Chair Buying Guide

There are a few things to consider when you are looking for a new tub chair. They make look very nice and stylish from the outside, but to get the full picture you need to look a little closer. This means having a look underneath at the all important label. Every chair should have this information on the bottom. When you go to any store or furniture shop don’t be afraid to give everything a good going over, afterall, it is your money that you are investing, so you want to be sure your getting a quality item.

Turn the chair over and look at the label. On the label you will see the country of origin. Chairs made in the far east are usually mass produced in larger factories, and the quality is poorer than those made in the west, or even better, from independant makers. The mass produced designs are made to look good and stylish, but that is the only plus point. After a bit of use you will find the cushion springs and the joints will start to wear, and the comfort will be reduced. This now ehat you want to happen, so be careful before you buy from these countries.

Getting clued up is even more essential if your buying a leather tub chair. Leather comes in different grades, and the best parts of the animal produce the best quality leather. The top grade hides will have natural patterns in them, and will be supple and smell just like leather should do. Lower quality hides will have more added to them to produce the finish. These additions reduce the natural oils and make them less supple. This can lead to cracking, and i am sure you have seen a few chairs with cracks appearing after prolonged use. The label should tell you the hide grade, so look for the best quality leather, this should reflect the price you pay.

Faux leather tub chairs are becoming more common, and in reality these are fake leather. Man made to look like the real thing, but not in the same class unfortunately. You can use them for occasional use to get the best out of them. But if plan on using them a lot you will see the inferior materials begin to deteriorate. This may mean having to reupholster the cover, and it can be expensive to do this. Again the price should reflect the quality. A real leather tub chair will have character and be unique, unlike the fake kinds.

You can also sit in the chair. It should feel comfortable right from the start, and the cushion should support you and position you. The arms and the back seat should also hold you in place, and it should be a nice place to be. When you get out, the seat should revert back to it’s original place almost immediately. If it does not, then this could be a sign that the springs are of poor quality. Have a close look at this, if the springs are like that now, how are they going to be when you have sat on them for a year?

Whilst also kneeling on the seat you can grab the arms and pull them towards and away from you. There should be hardly any movement when you do this. If there is a lot of movement then this is a sign that the joints are loose already. Lower priced tub chairs will show these signs, and will not be as durable. Listen for noises when you push and pull as well. This is another sign of poor joints and fitting. The workmanship may not be up to the right standard, and the price will reflect this. Buying an antique tub chair will obviously go against these rules because it more then likely it will be in a poorer condition. You buy these for the styling and the charm, not really for every day use.

If you take the time to look closely at the small details then you can get a good picture of what the chair has to offer. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to the store person, and don’t be afraid to sit down and get a good feel for it. It may just save you some money down the road.

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