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Tub Chair Designs

The tub chair has come a long way since it’s first appearance over four centuries ago. Today there are literally hundreds of unique designs for this type of chair. The style is classical and has endured the test of time. The reason for this longevity is that people fall in love with the simplistic design, and the comfort they offer.

There is not a hotel lobby that does not have a tub chair on display. Gentleman’s clubs all around the world have them too. They give a sense of authority and grandeur because of the way you sit in them. They are almost like a mini throne without the big back rest. It is easy to see why many people buy them for all different rooms in their homes. They make a great feature for any conservatory or living room. Other’s have them in a corner in the bedroom or sitting room. They go well with just about anything.

There are many different colours and fabrics to choose from, but by far the most popular is the leather tub chair. The deep seated position and the high arm rests give the perfect sitting experience. You will see many business people reclining and reading newspapers sat comfortably in a tub chair.

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Another name for the tub chair is the club chair, and you guessed it, they are called this because they are a favourite in clubs. You even find them in nightclubs, i know i have sat on one! Even libraries have them, and they are a great way to just relax and watch the world go by. The key word here is comfort, and everyone loves a bit of comfort don’t they?

Many interior designers use the tub chair as a focal point in a room due to their simple, clean design. They are becoming more and more popular because there are now many great design features that seem to fit well with modern living spaces. A single tub chair can make the most out of a corner space, and the curved arms and back really help them to extentuate the walls and roof of most rooms.

Adding a tub chair near a window will also help to bring more light into a room because the low back design does not block light like more conventinal chairs do. This is also why they are popular in conservatories as well. Light and fresh colour schemes work well in these kinds of rooms, and a wide range of different fabrics mean you will always find the right choice for your room. The double tub chair also works well, and there are a lot of suppliers who now offer these in many fresh contemporary designs. Combining the double with a single makes a great focal point for any room. Buying as a set will also work out cheaper, and be sure to haggle a bit on the prices.

The cost of a tub chair can be anything from around £100 to over £1000 depending where you shop. The quality of the materials used and the workmanship will reflect the price you will pay. However, because they are so popular there are many bargains out there, and you can get a stylish looking design for not much money if you have a good look around. Take into account how much use your tub chair will get. If it is only for occassional use then it need not be so durable, but if you intend on using it every day then it will be worth buying a higher quality chair that will last you in the long run. A good way to test before you buy is to visit a few furniture shops on the high street and get to actually sit on some chairs to get a feel for them. The online retailers are usually cheaper than on the high street, so once you have a basic idea of what you want, you can use this information to shop online where the choice is much larger. This will help you find the right tub chair for your needs.

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