| The Benefits of a Tub Chair Cover

The Benefits of a Tub Chair Cover

Protecting your chair should be a neccessity really, after all you have paid for it and you want it to look good and last. Buying a tub chair cover is a very simple way of doing this. There are quite a few different styles around and they can really brighten up any old or tired looking chair. Fitting them is done in two ways. You can get simple stretch covers that stretch into position, or you can have your chair reupholstered, which is the most expensive option, but the final result is like having a brand new tub chair.

There are loose fitting covers as well that will be ideal for protceting against sunlight fading if you don’t use it that often. You may work during the day and have your chair next to a bay window or patio doors, and this tends to fade the fabric or leather over time. It may be in the living room where it is seldom used, and the same thing can happen. The loose covers are not fitted, they just throw over the chair and your done.

The fitted covers are used for a tub chair that will be getting some use. Accidents always happen and drinks and food can easily be spilled onto them, so adding some protection can help preserve the life and the fabric. Some of the latest designs are specially treated with absorbant materials that will stop liquids from getting through to the chair. They are a little more exoensive but well worth the money.

Light colours, such as a cream tub chair are easily marked and stained despite your best efforts. Dirty clothes can cause dark marks to appear where they rub constantly, so if you have light colours then think about keeping them in their natural glory. You can always change the colour of the cover into something different to give a whole new look.

This is another benefit of using these covers, you can change things up very quickly. Many people use them, and have a couple of sets in reserve. If you plan on having some friends round you can impress them by adding some stylish covers and they will think you have bought a new tub chair. The added bonus is that you will also be protecting the chair underneath, and spills often happen at dinner parties. The stretch kinds are best for a more polished effect, and these are relatively cheap to buy too. You can pick a set up for around £10, or just one for less if you only have a single chair.

Your tub chair footstool can also be given a make over. These are very popular because they match everything nicely, and enhance the overall look. They also allow you to put your feet up at the end of a long day and relax a bit more in front of the tv.

Having a full upholstered job is the ultimate in refreshing your furniture. The small independant retailers are the best people to go see if you want a good job doing. Check the reputation of the craftsman first to be sure, and have a look at some of their work. Recovering is best done on a quality tub chair beauase of the costs involved. There is not much point spending large amounts on a poor quality chair, as the covering may even cost more than the chair did. However, the final look will be something special if done right, and will prolong the life of the chair for a good few years to come.

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