| Contemporary Tub Chair Styles

Contemporary Tub Chair Styles

Contemporary tub chair designs offer style, form and function all in one go. Added to this is the comfort factor. There is little point in creating an exciting tub chair that does not do the job of being comfortable to sit in. To this end, the modern designs have to find the right combination. The simple basic form of tub chairs mean they can be expanded on from virtually every angle.

In the UK there are a number of new contemporary designs such as the Carlton range and the Beaufort ranges. There are also some fresh and interesting metal and plastic tub chairs around at fairly low prices, under £200. The metal chairs typically have metal legs and backrest, with a comfortable cushioned seat to hold you in position. There are various leg heights to choose from depending on your size, so it is worth checking the chair dimensions if you can before you buy. Likewise there are other combinations of plastic and wood to consider. Mixing different materials together can create very modern designs, that will blend and fit well with the materials already present in your rooms. A good example is to look at other items of furniture such as a coffee table and match the chair with that.Then it is just a question of finding the right colour scheme to match.

The traditional tub chair shape is still a favourite with many homeowners who favour the simplicity of it’s curves. There is nothing better than coming home from a hard days work and relaxing in a comfortable chair to take away a bit of stress. Another benefit of the tub chair is the larger sized arm rests which are perfect for resting not only your arms, but your tv remote as well.

The swivel tub chair is proving very popular with office staff for relaxing and for meetings. The advantage of the swivel mechanism is that you don’t have to keep moving the chairs around to find the best position as everyone can easily see each other and talk with a quick flick of the hips. Swivel designs are also finding their way into homes, and are especially useful when placed in a corner setting.

Outdoor tub chairs are also available and they add a bit of style and class to garden furniture. Weatherproof cushions are essential in rainy climates such as the UK, but in sunnier places there is less need to change or bring these cushions indoors. Patio furniture can be made stylish and comfortable, and tub chair sofas, or double tub chairs offer extra seating space. However, there will be the problem of the sun fading the fabric or cushions if the chair is left out for long periods of time. A simple solution is to invest in a plastic tub chair, which is much more durable and weatherproof. They can also be an alternative to the more traditional garden chairs. The more comfortable tub chair design is perfect for spending time chatting with friends outside as the sun goes down on a sultry summer’s evening.

Modern chairs can also be used in the kitchen, and go very well with breakfast bars. The long legged styles fit well in this case, and there are many to choose from nowadays. Many coffee shops and bistros have these kinds of tub chair around, as the shape goes well with just about any interior or exterior design. All in all, the contemporary designs are here to stay, and look set to be around for the long term future as well.

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