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Modern Tub Chair Designs

The overall style of the tub chair has not changed too much over the years, it still retains it’s classical shape to some extent. The central design features are the sunken seating position, the low back and the high arms. In this respect most of the tub chair features we all recognise are still there. However, the more modern designers have found a way to retain the classic shape whilst offering very stylish and comfortable chairs.

The modern tub chairs offer an almost unlimited choice of colours and textures that fit in well with any room in the house, or in any office space. The simple design with the curved lines is the very essence of what they are all about. Even though they have been around for a long time, home furnishing designers are always bringing out new designs, almost on a weekly basis. The attention to detail in some of the most expensive designs is phenomenal, and you can clearly see the craftmanship and care that has gone into making these stand out from the rest.

Retro colours and the use of wood, chrome, plastic and aluminium, and a whole host of other materials can give a really different feel without changing the classic shape of the tub chair. It is even possible to make a tub chair out of cardboard and rusty metal.


This kind of innovative thinking is going on all the time, and it just shows that a little imagination can go a long way without costing much money. In fact using old materials that you may think are headed for the bin can be a great way to create something special.

Plastic is also being used for modern designs. The big advantage of plastic is that it very easy to maintain and clean. It will not stain of you spill things on it, and it will not fade or look worn because it is extremely durable. The texture also works well in modern homes and combines well with fittings and fixtures.

bubble chair

Using light colours can add a really crisp and fresh look, and the use of coloured cushions can enable you to match the tub chair to any room in an instant. It is also very easy to change things up a bit if needed, you just change the cushion. Many interior designers choose simple colours as a base because it is easy to modify them at a later date to suit any future design change to a room.

There are many other materials that can be utilised to create outstanding chairs such as wicker and wood. The best place to see some of the more exotic designs are at the trade shows, where the latest trends in interior design are shown. The big name manufacturers are keen to show off their latest creations as well as some of the smaller independant retailers. The prices are usually more expensive at these shows, but they give you the opportunity to see at first hand how far designs can go, and you can get some great ideas for any future projects you might have.

wicker chair

The great point about designer chairs is that they not only look unique, they are usually very comfortable as well. A lot of work and thought goes into the design, but it still has to serve the function of being used every day. The above design is a classic example of just how stunning you can make a tub chair look.

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