| Fabric tub chair Ideas

Fabric tub chair Ideas

With such a wide variety of tub chair fabrics around these days, there will almost certainly be something to fit into your rooms with ease. Fabric upholstery comes in virtually any design for any chair, which is good news for everyone. This makes it all the more easier to either find a tub chair to fit your current home decor, or perhaps to change the look of your room to fit the chair, or chairs you plan on buying.

Re-designing the look or feel of any room can be a challenge, but it does not mean spending a lot of money if you plan carefully and be creative. A simple throw over can transform any piece of furniture into something more stylish and colourful without breaking the bank.

By simply re-postioning furniture around you can quickly change the feel of a room and make it look fresher and more comfortable. The benefit of a tub chair is that it looks right at home as either a central focal point, or as a stylish corner piece. The colour and fabric you choose can really set the scene for your rooms, and the texture and style all play an important role as they combine with the other furniture and decor.

tub chair window

Placing a tub chair next to a patio or bay window allows natural light to flow into the room as the small dimensions of the chair will not block the sun. Choosing a similar colour rug and curtains also combines very well, and the final piece in the jigsaw could be the wooden or laminate floor colour. Darker coloured fabrics go well together and you can get a great sense of extra space will a bit of imagination and thoughtful positioning.

If you feel like being really daring then there are many modern fabric designs that will stand out and create a real centre piece for any room. The biggest attraction of fabric is the extra comfort and warmth they produce compared to plastics and wood. For a living room they are by far the most popular choice, but for formal living rooms or dining rooms then leather is another possibility. This all depends on how much the room will be used by you or the family.

You will also find many fabric tub chair designs in offices and studies. They are usually very prominent and offer comfort and good visibility which is essential for meetings and interviews. In high rise offices, space is always at a premium, so the relatively small area taken up by a tub chair, or a set of chairs allows for other furniture and space to be created. The small size also allows more light to get into the room and they are easy to move around if needed.

There is always the option of re- upholstering the fabric if it starts to become faded or dirty, and this is a great way to freshen things up if you are on a budget but want to keep the same style of chair. Darker coloured fabrics will obviously not fade as quickly and stains will not show up as much, so take this into consideration if your tub chair is going to get a lot of use. Many people choose lighter fabrics for occassional use because of this.

All in all, the fabric tub chair is the most widely used in modern society, be it in living rooms or in offices. The prices and ranges are huge, which is why there is something for everyone’s tastes and budgets. Simplistic designs and textures blend well with all colour schemes in any room, and modern, yet contemporary styles are now becoming more widespread. Online stores offer the largest ranges and are a good way to quickly browse through potential products. Virtual design programs can even show you how they will look in different positions and styles before you buy. Taking a little time to find exactly what you want is worth it in the long run, especially if you are planning on spending a lot of your hard earned money.

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