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Leather Tub Chairs

The leather tub chair is the real essence of the classic design for over two centuries. Nothing exudes more style and class than leather, especially on a chair. However, the cost is greater than the fabric tub chair styles. Despite this, many people are going for the leather look when they seek to refresh a room or want to have an ideal focal point.

There are hundreds of designs to choose from, so finding the right style to suit your home will not be a problem. Along with the styles, there are different colours and shades of leather tub chairs to help blend your chair into it’s surroundings. Light coloured rooms will benefit from more light, so make sure you look for the right colour leather upholstery that will extentuate the room.

Be aware of what kind if use your chair will be subjected to. If it is going to get a lot of wear then you will probably need a more durable choice. Think about the kids or pets, who will certainly give it some tough times. Another thing to consider is where it will be placed in the room. A popular choice is by a window, so it may get a lot of direct sunlight every day. You don’t want the leather to fade and look dreary too soon. This may not be such a problem if you live in the UK, but sunnier climates can cause furniture to fade much faster, so take this into consideration. Leather can get hot in the sun, and you don’t want to jump in your tub chair and find it is too hot, especially if you are wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

If you intend sitting on your tub chair every day, then this can cause the seat to sag over time. Better quality craftmanship will ensure longer life, but again, this comes at a price. You want the most comfortable cushions if you do use your chair all the time, so have a sit on them in the showroom and get a feel for what you might like. Even the most comfortable looking chair may not suit or fit your body, so getting to know the ins and outs is always a good idea. If you only intend to use the chair for occassional use then a lesser quality style may not be a problem.

You also need to be able to clean yout tub chair if anything gets spilled on it, which invariably happens when kids are around, so make sure the upholstery can be washed easily.

As you can see from the above video, there are many unique tub chair designs and ways of customising them. Today’s designs offer chrome and brushed aluminium rests and legs that go perfectly with the most modern homes. There are also two and three seater tub chair sofas that offer luxury and comfort for any living room.

The right seating position is essential, not just the look. Check how high the arm rests are so you are totally comfortable when you sit down. This is a valid point if you intend reading the newspaper and want to spread your arms across the arms easily. Check the visibility you have. Most people like the see what is going on around them, so a high backed or sunken sitting position may well obstruct your view.

Whatever style of room you have, the vast choice of leather tub chairs around today will make it easy to find just the right choice.

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